My Convictions helps Christians identify and share their doctrinal beliefs. Using a web book and a theological profile, readers contemplate the pivotal questions of Christianity. 


My Convictions does not address doctrine comprehensively like a theology textbook. It probes the forks in the road. The focus is not on that which makes us the same but on that which makes us different. We aim to clarify these differences and discuss them charitably.


My Convictions favors simplicity over nuance and brevity over verbosity. The goal is to be concise in discussing dozens of subjects that often receive book-length treatment. Rather than being the final word on one’s theology, this resource is a starting point and framework for discussion.


My Convictions can be used in many different settings. Individuals can use it to deepen their understanding of theology. Small Groups can use it in Bible studies. Professors can use it to challenge their students. Search Committees can use it to examine their candidates. Pastors can use it to equip their staff and lay leaders. Skeptics can even use it to learn about the questions Christians often ask about God. 

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