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1. Overview: Introduction to My Convictions
2. Process: How to Use My Convictions
3. Contents: Chapter Titles and Descriptions
4. Chapter: Sample Chapter Introduction Page
5. Question: Sample Question Definition Page
6. Option: Sample Solution Option Page
7. Profile: Sample Theological Profile Page
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This web book is designed not only to be read, but also to be used as an assessment. Each chapter is devoted to a doctrinal category, such as Cosmology, the study of creation. Each category features questions, such as, “How did God create the universe?” Each question features solution options, such as, “God created the universe out of nothing.” The reader’s task is to select the solution most closely resembling their view and record it on their theological profile. When finished, the reader can view, download, or print a report summarizing their theology. 

Note: This web book makes use of inline footnotes which you may access by hovering or clicking your mouse over the superscript numerals.1